WCIS eNews No. 36
November 6, 2003

Update on the Improved WCIS System

The cutover date for deploying the improved WCIS system into production is scheduled for January 15, 2004. As previously noted, this switch will be relatively transparent to the Trading Partners. To improve the logic in the current system and to better implement the business rules, extensive fine tuning and testing has been conducted. The Division of Workers' Compensation is confident that the redesigned system will improve the efficiency, stability, and throughput of the transaction processing, thus generating more timely and accurate acknowledgments.

The two major differences between the existing production system and the reconfigured system are the new 22 digit Jurisdiction Claim Number and a new requirement for transactions within a batch. The following explains these differences:

1. The Jurisdiction Claim Number (JCN, DN 5) has been increased from 12 to 22 digits. IAIABC allows a JCN of 25 characters.
a. The new system will continue to process all older claims submitted and processed prior to the switchover with the original 12 digit JCNs.
b. All new claims for which an Initial FROI is submitted and processed after the switchover will receive a 22 digit JCN.

2. Only one transaction will be allowed in a batch for a particular claim, e.g., a FROI 00 and 04 for the same claim in the same batch will result in the rejection of the 04.

The new system has undergone extensive testing to ensure that the business rules continue to conform to the California Implementation Guide and the IAIABC standards. Here are the latest enhancements/updates to the new WCIS system.

1. A 01-Cancel FROI MTC will be accepted after a SROI transaction has been accepted. This process cancels the entire claim, including all FROI and SROI transactions. A 01-Cancel SROI MTC is not an IAIABC standard transaction and is not allowed.

2. Duplicate batches will not be processed and will be rejected with a header level error acknowledgement HD1TR. Duplicate batches are defined as a group of transactions where the header information (sender ID, DN 98, Date Transmission Sent, DN 100, and Time Transmission Sent, DN 101) matches that of a previously received and accepted batch.

3. Incoming transactions with Maintenance Type Code (MTC) dates, DN 3, that are later than the current processing date (system date) will be rejected. For example, a transaction with an MTC date of 11-01-03 that is processed on 10-31-03 will be rejected. In addition, the MTC date must be between '1900' and the current date.

4. Only one IP transaction is allowed for each claim. Since a new benefit can be opened with a CB, there is no need to report more than one IP.

5. The February 15, 2002 revised edition of the IAIABC Edit Matrix error messages (http://www.iaiabc.org/EDI/ReleaseI/Release_1_Guide_2_15_02.pdf) has been incorporated to the revised WCIS system.

6. The following Mandatory/Serious (M/S) data elements, if sent with an invalid/blank USPS postal code or an invalid/blank date will result in a TE acknowledgment.


    7. The following Conditional/Serious (C/S) data elements, if sent with invalid/blank date will result in a TE acknowledgment.

  • DN72-CURRENT RETURN TO WORK DATE (Note: For S1, and P1 only)

    8. The Release 2 AQ-Acquired Claim FROI MTC will no longer be accepted. The AU-Acquired/Unallocated FROI MTC should be sent instead.

    California EDI Implementation Guide

    A draft of the updated California EDI Implementation Guide will be made available to Trading Partners before the switchover. It will be important for all Trading Partners and future Trading Partners to carefully review the updates and provide appropriate comments.

    Clarification on MTC dates

    For most transactions, the IAIABC defines the MTC date as the date the "transaction was moved to the transmission queue or flagged for transmission", except for the following MTCs:

  • MTC CO - MTC date of the Original Transaction being corrected that contained non-critical error(s).
  • MTC AP - Issue date of initial indemnity benefit check after acquiring the file.
  • MTC CA - Date the change in Payment/Adjustment amount was effective.
  • MTC IP - Issue date of initial indemnity benefit check.
  • MTC P1-PJ - The last date through which an indemnity benefit(s) is due.
  • MTC PY - Issue date of payment
  • MTC RB - Issue date of the check reinstating indemnity benefits.
  • MTC S1-SJ - The last date through which indemnity benefit(s) is due.

    Please contact your Trading Partner Contact if you have any questions or comments.

    Damon Chen, Trading Partners - B-H, M, P-R
    e-mail: dcchen@dir.ca.gov
    Tel. 415.703-4413 Fax: 415.703.5911

    Johnny Lee, Trading Partners - A, I-L, N, O, S-Z
    e-mail: jblee@dir.ca.gov
    Tel: 415.703.4427 Fax: 415.703.5911

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