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Independent Bill Review (IBR) decisions

The Independent Bill Review (IBR) program is part of an important essential overhaul of the California Workers’ Compensation System that was created pursuant to Senate Bill (SB) 863.

The IBR program provides an expedient method to resolve billing disputes between providers and claims administrators for work-related injuries. IBR is available for any disputed medical service bill where the date of service is on or after Jan. 1, 2013 and the fee is determined by a DWC fee schedule.

The DWC has contracted with an independent bill review organization (IBRO), to conduct IBR on its behalf. The list below shows all IBR decisions issued since the program began on Jan. 1, 2013.

All IBR decisions are posted on DWC’s website shortly after being issued. IBR decisions that are withdrawn or determined to be ineligible are not posted below. Further, IBR decisions may not be issued according to numbering sequence. While each IBR request is assigned a number when it is received, gaps in numbering for posted decisions reflect withdrawn, ineligible, or pending requests.

The IBR decisions listed below are grouped into categories based on the year in which the IBR decision was issued.

2013 and 2014 IBR Decisions

IBR Decisions 13-000001 thru 13-000009 IBR Decisions 13-000010 thru 13-000099 IBR Decisions 13-000100 thru 13-000999 IBR Decisions 14-000001 thru 14-000009 IBR Decisions 14-000010 thru 14-000099 IBR Decisions 14-000100 thru 14-000999 IBR Decisions 14-001000 thru 14-004999

2015 IBR Decisions

IBR Decisions 13-0000100 thru 13-0000999 IBR Decisions 14-0000010 thru 14-0000099 IBR Decisions 14-0000100 thru 14-0000999 IBR Decisions 14-0001000 thru 14-0004999 IBR Decisions 15-0000001 thru 15-0000009 IBR Decisions 15-0000010 thru 15-0000099 IBR Decisions 15-0000100 thru 15-0000999

January 2015