Forms filing timeline description


Legacy forms:

Legacy forms were accepted between EAMS go-live in August 2008 November 2008, when EAMS regulations requiring OCR forms became effective. DWC must get legacy forms into EAMS manually.

OCR forms:

OCR forms were accepted and preferred at EAMS go-live but were not required until November 2008. Regulations now require OCR forms except for E-forms trial participants.


E-forms were accepted, from e-form trial participants only, beginning Sept. 22, 2008 (when trial logons were first issued), and continuing at the present time.
Only e-forms or OCR forms will be accepted until second generation electronic filing is permitted. (E-forms are the first generation.)

Second generation electronic filing:

Second generation electronic filing, known as JET File, will be accepted beginning late June 2011. JET File will allow larger volume filing.

March 2011