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Issue 27 October 29, 2010

Welcome to EAMS Insider, the newsletter about the Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS).

The Division of Workers’ Compensation fields many questions from injured workers, employers, attorneys, insurers, lien claimants, and others about the new system. This newsletter was created to answer those questions and share information. Every month, EAMS Insider will provide information on new developments and what to expect during this transition. Bulletins will also be sent to subscribers for important announcements. (Sign up to be a subscriber at EAMS@dir.ca.gov.)

EAMS updates

Past issues of the Insider have profiled applicant and defense attorneys, and last month showed two businesses that e-file liens. This month looks at a business using a third-party filing solution.

Joy Thompson is CEO and owner of Source Medical Billing and Collection in Corona. She has 18 years experience in the workers’ compensation field, and formerly worked with West Coast Surgery Centers.

Thompson is a longtime EDEX client, using it for reporting and calendar. When EAMS made its debut a couple of years ago she filed OCR paper forms. “But it was hit and miss,” she said, particularly during the transition period from the old legacy forms to the new forms. She decided to try DWC Direct, a third-party filer.

DWC Direct is a bridge between the EDEX database of case information and the EAMS data-collection system, and uses EDEX data to auto-populate EAMS forms and file them electronically. (The business is a technology partnership between WorkCompCentral, EDEX Information Systems, and ScanFiles.)
For each filing done through DWC Direct, Source Medical enters case numbers and uploads and attaches documents as needed. DWC Direct does the rest, and sends a report to their inbox. “If you’re doing [OCR] paper it has to be done in a particular order, with the separator page and cover sheet, and once you’ve prepared that, you add in postage, paper and envelopes,” Thompson said. With DWC Direct, “it saves you on all of that. You save on the man-hours… It’s hassle-free and no problems.

 “Now that we’re able to submit it electronically, it’s much better,” she added. “It’s a hit. Nothing but positive. Never had any errors with it. Not even one.”

Thompson’s firm is now saving time as well. “Instead of doing lien filing we did cleanup on a couple of huge projects. People don’t get the value of being able to focus your energy. With that being done for you, you now take those same hours and put staff to work in a different category.”

Thompson is looking forward to being able to use EAMS more in the future, as the system gains more functionality for external users. “The way the [DWC] judges use it, it’s very effective. I’d like to be able to use it like they do.”

For more information on DWC Direct, go to www.dwcdirect.com

Present term solution update:

As we near November, two PTS milestones approach: expanded Web access and completion of the SFTP technical development. The EAMS technical support team has been meeting regularly with its external partners as both sides work on the build. But even before this piece of the puzzle is put into place, external system users will be able to take advantage of expanded access to case information available on the DWC Web site.

“The launch of this new public information search function will give external users of the workers’ comp courts a great tool to move cases through the system,” said DWC Chief of Legislation and Policy Susan Gard. “We think the user community will be ecstatic when they see we’ve made information they need to do their work easily accessible.”

This new search page will return more case information than presently available, including assigned judge, venue location, whether the case is archived, hearing information (date and time if another hearing is scheduled), active case participants, and case events. While furlough days have pushed back the likely completion date of the PTS to early 2011, the short wait will be worth it. Even those users who don’t plan to take advantage of the new bulk-filing mechanism will find the expanded Web access function to be a useful addition to the EAMS tool set.

Incidentally, the EAMS External User Access Project has been renamed DWConnect to reflect its intent: to connect external users electronically with the workers’ compensation court system. The Insider will have more on this in future issues.

E-forms trial update

More than 400 logons have now been issued for filers to submit their documents electronically, and there is room for more. If you are interested in becoming an e-filer, send in a signed agreement and take the computer based training.

Web site changes

In non-EAMS related news, Monday, Nov. 1 will mark the debut of a lien pleadings page on the DWC Web site, specifically for three separate lien consolidation conferences being handled by the Los Angeles district office in October.

The new page will be linked to the Los Angeles office location page and the claims adjudication unit page. Once you are on the lien pleadings page, you will find separate sections for compound pharmacy liens, interpreter liens and durable medical goods liens. Any interested party can read the pleadings and gather information they might need to respond. Pleadings can be submitted by email as a PDF file to the Los Angeles presiding judge. The new page will have directions on where to send the pleadings, as well as the schedule for further meetings at the Los Angeles office.

If this new page interests you, we suggest you bookmark it. New pleadings will be added each weekday as they are received. Based on the high attendance at the three consolidation conferences this month, there should be many contributions.



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