Proposed Regulations for Title 8, California Code of Regulations

Proposed Regulations
Asbestos Cement Pipe Training & Course Providers

Title 8, California Code of Regulations
Section 341.17

Final Regulation (doc) Effective 11/8/03
Final Statement of Reasons (doc)

Final Regulation (pdf,59KB)
Final Statement of Reasons (pdf,59KB)

Proposed 15-day Modifications (doc)

Proposed 15-day Modifications (pdf, 118KB)

Notice of Public Hearing (html) Notice of Public Hearing (pdf, 16.0KB)
Initial Statement of Reasons (html) Initial Statement of Reasons(pdf, 7.50%KB)
Proposed Regulation (html) Proposed Regulation (pdf, 12KB)

You may send questions on the final regulation to, or phone 916-574-2993.