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     ACTION GOAL #12: Ask your manager for instructions or training before you begin so that

     a. You are efficient in the most common tasks you perform.
     b. You reduce the stress and frustration you experience when you cannot complete a task.

Protect your ability to work! Ask your manager for help if you have not been trained on the software programs or operating system you are using.

If you need to work with a particular program or operating system, be sure to familiarize yourself with it ahead of time. Training can be as simple as a short demonstration or taking a class for a day or two. The time spent in training can pay off in big dividends in (1) preventing injuries; (2) being able to work without discomfort or pain; (3) reducing unnecessary movements; (4) saving time and getting the work done more efficiently.

Many software programs have shortcuts that allow you to quickly accomplish tasks without using a pointing device (mouse, trackball, etc.). By pressing one or more keys on the keyboard you can complete your task quickly and without the awkward postures associated with the pointing device. Learn to use the shortcuts as an alternative to the pointing device.

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