How to report a labor law violation with the Bureau of Field Enforcement (BOFE)

What is a BOFE labor law violation?

An employee or former employee may report a labor law violation with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement's (DLSE) Bureau of Field Enforcement (BOFE) about the following:

A report to BOFE is appropriate for a widespread violation of workplace laws that affects all or a group of employees working for the employer.

When does a labor law violation need to be reported?

What are the policies and procedures for processing a report of labor law violation to BOFE?

Once you have signed, dated, and submitted your Report of Labor Law Violation form, it will be evaluated and, if appropriate for investigation, will be assigned to an investigator. You may be contacted for additional information. An investigation usually involves an on-site inspection of the employer's business to determine whether violations exist. The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement will require an employer to cease any violations of the law that are under its jurisdiction, and criminal or civil citations may be issued for any such violations that are found. Additionally, the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement will require the back payment of the minimum wage or overtime wages when those wages were not paid in accordance with the law.
Additional information for workers on the BOFE investigation process is available in the following languages:

How do I report a labor law violation to BOFE?

Where do I file my Report of Labor Law Violation?

The BOFE 1 cannot be filed electronically or by fax. If your internet browser supports email of pages, DO NOT use this feature to submit your BOFE 1 as an original signature is required. You MUST print and either mail or hand-deliver your completed and signed BOFE 1 to the DLSE office that handles reports for the city/location where the work was performed or the violation occurred.

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