IR #2002-03
Monday, April 22, 2002

Dean Fryer
Susan Gard
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New executive medical director appointed to Industrial Medical Council

SAN FRANCISCO - Dr. Susan McKenzie recently was appointed executive medical director of the California Industrial Medical Council (IMC).

In her role as executive medical director, McKenzie serves as the executive secretary to the 20-member IMC and liaison to professionals in the workers' compensation and medical fields. She also develops policies and administers programs for the IMC, which is charged with regulatory authority over the qualified medical evaluators in the state workers' compensation system.

Prior to her appointment, McKenzie served as an associate medical director at the IMC for the past eight years. Board certified in occupational medicine by the American Board of Preventive Medicine, McKenzie received her MD from the University of California at San Francisco and completed residency training in occupational medicine at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and the Institute of Environmental Health and Kettering Laboratory. Prior to becoming a physician, she worked as an educator and health policy analyst for the U.S. Congress. She practiced medicine in the private and public sectors and served as an occupational medicine consultant and corporate medical director.

"The selection of Dr. Susan McKenzie is outstanding," says Suzanne Marria, assistant director of the California Department of Industrial Relations, which oversees the California workers' compensation system. "She has watched and participated in the IMC since its inception. She is an expert on medical fee schedule issues and the last 10 years of her medical career has focused on occupational medicine and the California workers' compensation system."

McKenzie fills the position of Dr. Allen MacKenzie, who retired as IMC executive medical director in early April.