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Friday, April 28, 2000

Dean Fryer
(415) 703-5050

Governor Davis Proclaims April 28, 2000 Workers' Memorial Day

SAN FRANCISCO --Stephen J. Smith, Director of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR), today announced that Governor Davis has proclaimed April 28, 2000 Workers' Memorial Day, and encourages residents of California to remember and pay tribute to California workers who have lost their lives on the job.

"Last year Governor Davis signed into law AB 1127, which strengthens efforts to maintain safer and healthier workplaces," said Smith. "Our experience shows that the best prevention comes from labor and management working together on the job to identify hazards, provide training and correct unsafe conditions."

In addition to AB 1127, DIR's Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) encourages employers to maintain a safer workplace through its California Voluntary Protection Program (Cal/VPP). "Cal/VPP awards employers who voluntarily develop comprehensive safety and health programs," added Smith. "We recognize them as leaders in the business community who have successfully reduced workplace hazards."

"For all of us at DIR, especially our Cal/OSHA staff, this is also a day to reflect on the importance of our work in enforcing occupational safety and health laws," said Smith. "I salute the vital work done by our Cal/OSHA employees who promote awareness and practices that ensure safe and healthful conditions on the job for all working men, women and young people in California."

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Note to Editor: Cal/OSHA Chief John Howard is available to discuss AB1127 and the Cal/VPP program.