IR # 97-48
Friday, August 29, 1997

Rick Rice
Dean Fryer
(415) 972-8835

Labor Day Message From the Acting Director

SAN FRANCISCO -- California's economic conditions and labor opportunities are at an all time high, according to John C. Duncan, acting Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations.

"Labor Day provides a time to reflect on the conditions of the state's economic climate and the contributions of California workers," said Duncan.

"As everyone now knows, our state's economy is on the fast track and California workers' are once again able to show the world that they are among the most productive and capable of any labor force on earth," he said.

"Furthermore, work conditions for California wage earners continue to improve. Statistics show that employment is at the highest point in years, while work injuries and fatalities continue to decline as well."

"Employers are also benefiting from the improved conditions," Duncan said. "Workers' compensation costs continue to dramatically decline, due primarily to the reforms of Governor Wilson and the decline in accidents and injuries."

"It is our goal at the Department of Industrial Relations, to help create a work environment conducive to both business and labor interests, and to foster and promote the welfare of wage earners while encouraging opportunities for profitable employment," Duncan said. "On this Labor Day, I would like to congratulate the hard working people of this state and their hard working employers for their continued participation in the great California Comeback."