IR # 96-15
Wednesday, May 15, 1996

Louis Bonsignore
(415) 972-8835

Pilot Program for Apprenticeship
Gives Students New Path to Success

Riverside -- California's high school and community college students will finally have access to an apprenticeship program which can provide new doors to a successful career through a program called Schools to Career/Apprenticeship.

The pilot program provided through a joint effort by the Department of Industrial Relations and leaders of the Riverside County Office of Education and the Riverside Community College District will launch an aggressive apprenticeship program for students. The pilot, which will spread
to at least seven other school district within the state and is expected to touch hundreds of students each year, will establish a basic apprenticeship related curriculum that will set students onto the path of an apprenticeship certification.

Lloyd W. Aubry Jr., director of the California Department of Industrial Relations, will personally sign a memorandum of understanding with the school districts in Riverside. He and other key players in this unique plan will take the time to acknowledge the cooperation between the state and the schools that will provide young people with a new avenue for success.

Date: Thursday, May 16, 1996
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Place: Riverside County Office of Education
Education Service Center
3958 12th Street
Riverside, California