IR# 95-17
Monday, August 14, 1995

Rick Rice (DIR)
(714) 935-2812
Tino Serrano (USDOL)
(415) 744-6673


LOS ANGELES -- California Labor Commissioner Victoria Bradshaw and Dr. Bernard Anderson, Assistant Secretary for Employment Standards, U.S. Department of Labor, will provide an update on the joint efforts of their agencies, working under the Targeted Industries Partnership Program, in assessing and collecting unpaid wages owed to the Thai garment workers who were found in El Monte last week during a T.I.P.P. enforcement action. A listing of garment manufacturers believed to have been contracting with the illegal garment factories will be provided.

Date:Tuesday, August 15, 1995
Time:10:00 a.m.
Place:California State Building Auditorium
107 South Broadway - Room 1138
Los Angeles, California


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