IR# 94-03
Tuesday, January 18, 1994

John Duncan
Richard Stephens
(415) 703-4981
Rick Rice (LA)
(714) 935-2812

LA Area Offices of DIR Divisions Affected by Monday Earthquake

SAN FRANCISCO--The state office building at 6150 Van Nuys Blvd., which houses the district offices of three divisions of the Department of Industrial Relations -- Workers' Compensation, Labor Standards Enforcement, and Occupational Safety and Health -- has been closed until further notice as result of the Monday morning earthquake.

In addition, the Division of Workers' Compensation offices in Norwalk, Santa Monica and Agoura Hills have sustained some nonstructural damage but are expected to resume normal operations within the next several days.

Hearings and conferences scheduled for the next several days in all these offices have been cancelled. The parties will be notified of the new time and, if necessary, a new place for their hearings.

All other offices of the three divisions in the Greater Los Angeles area are open and operating.

Parties who have business to conduct in any of the DWC offices, except for the one in Van Nuys, may call the office direct for further information. The three offices located in the Van Nuys state building may be contacted by phone as soon as the building has been reopened or an alternative location established.


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