IR# 94-26
Thursday, June 23, 1994

Paul Lynd
(415) 703-4590
Jim McBride (Kaiser)
(619) 528-3171


SAN FRANCISCO -- Lloyd W. Aubry, Jr., Director of the Department of Industrial Relations, will officially launch California's first pilot project in 24-Hour health care coverage in San Diego at a 1 p.m. ceremony this afternoon at Kaiser Permanente.

Under 24-Hour Coverage, employers contract with a single health care provider to serve all of an employee's health care needs, rather they be work-related or nonoccupational. This system combines elements of general health insurance and workers' compensation coverage, and participating employers should realize significant savings in health care costs. Employees will benefit from the convenience and continuity of care that results from the same health care provider serving all of their health care needs.

Kaiser Permanente's pilot project, which it calls "Kaiser-on-the-Job," is the first pilot approved by the Division of Workers' Compensation. Five employers in San Diego County, including Kaiser, are participating in the pilot project. Of the other four participants, two are private sector businesses and two are public employers. Decco Castings of El Cajon and Wawanesa

Insurance of San Diego are the participating private employers, and the County of San Diego and the San Diego Community College District are the participating public employers.

Aubry will be joined at the ceremony by Maurice Alfaro, M.D., medical director, Kaiser Permanente; David Janssen, Chief Administrative Officer of San Diego County; Carl Decina, owner of Decco Castings; and representatives of other participating employers.

The ceremony will be held at 1 p.m. at Kaiser Permanente in Basement Classroom 3 at 4647 Zion Avenue in San Diego. A tour of Decco Castings will follow.


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