IR# 94-16
Tuesday, April 12, 1994

John Duncan
Paul Lynd
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SAN FRANCISCO -- The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) will conduct a Conference on Workplace Security tomorrow at 9 a.m. at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles.

The conference is the first of its kind on workplace security. According to statistics compiled by the Division of Labor Statistics and Research, homicides account for 25 percent of workplace fatalities in California.

The conference will provide a forum for a diverse variety of individuals with a common interest in workplace security to share and gather information, with an emphasis on preventing instances of workplace violence.

Lloyd W. Aubry, Jr., Director of the Department of Industrial Relations, will lead the speakers at the conference. Before his appointment as Director, Aubry served as State Labor Commissioner.

Other speakers are Jess F. Kraus, Ph.D, professor of epidemiology at the UCLA School of Public Health and head of the Southern California Injury Prevention Research Center; S. Anthony Baron, Ph.D., chairman and chief executive officer of the Scripps Center for Quality Management and executive director of the Crisis Solutions Division of the Scripps Institute; Garry Mathiason, an attorney with the law firm of Littler, Mendelson, Fastiff, and Tichy and head of the firm's attorney task force on preventing workplace violence; Richard Mainey, director of security for International Business Machines; and Bill Borwegan, MPH, founder and president of the Occupational Safety and Health Department of the Service Employees International Union.

The speakers will be followed by six workshops, with each geared toward a particular field: managers and administrators, human resources personnel, safety and health personnel, security and protection personnel, health care and social services personnel, and risk managers and loss control consultants.

An agenda for the conference is attached.


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