Car Washing and Polishing Registration database

Welcome to the DLSE car washing and polishing registration database. This database contains the following information:
Registration number; Name (Legal Entity and DBA); Business location; Effective date; Expiration date; All registered operating addresses; Workers' Compensation insurer, Workers' Compensation expire date, Bond issuer, Bond effective date

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Under Title 8, sections 13680 through 13694, car washing and polishing establishments are required to submit completed applications for registration under this schedule, by county of operation.

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Expiration: (e.g., 5/2/2003, May 2, 2003, 5-2-03)
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The information in this database is also available in a Microsoft Excel-compatible file and a tab-delimited text file.

Registration verifications from this website include approved registrations in the last 12 months.

Updating of registration information is part of an ongoing process for DLSE's Licensing and Registration Unit. Due to processing time, a registration displayed as expired may be in the process of renewal.

If after looking at the database you have questions regarding the information provided, or if you wish to request an application/renewal form(s), email your inquiry/request to

Application forms may also be requested by sending a letter to:

Attn: Licensing and Registration Unit

1515 Clay Street
Suite 401
Oakland CA 94612

Fax: (510) 286-1366

New applications should be completed and submitted with the fee(s) no less than 90-days prior to the date you intend to open a new location engaging in the business of car washing and polishing.

Renewal applications should be completed and submitted with the fee(s) no less than 90-days prior to expiration of the current registration.

The 90-day time frame is a guideline only, and no registration will be issued/renewed until all of the requirements/conditions for a new or renewal registration are completely satisfied.