Car Washing and Polishing Registration - Schedule for submission of applications

Car washing and polishing establishments must submit applications for registration under the following schedule (by county of operation):

Countysubmit on or afterand no later than
Los Angeles12/22/20051/21/2006
Orange 2/21/20063/22/2006
San Diego 3/23/20064/21/2006
Riverside 4/22/20065/21/2006
San Bernardino 4/22/20065/21/2006
Santa Clara 5/22/20066/20/2006
Alameda 5/22/20066/20/2006
Sacramento 5/22/20066/20/2006
Ventura 5/22/20066/20/2006
Fresno 5/22/20066/20/2006
Contra Costa 5/22/20066/20/2006
All Others 6/21/20067/20/2006

An employer with branches in multiple counties must submit a single application for all branches during the earliest period required for any of its branches.