Division of Apprenticeship Standards
Annual Report - 1995


Earning while learning is the apprenticeship system of training. Apprenticeship is a successful structured training method, one that, for millenniums, has been the method of choice of industries that demand high skilled, competent and flexible workers. Apprenticeship is a structured employment based training system, that is industry funded and provides the best balance of "learning by doing" and theoretical instruction to produce workers who have just the right skills for each industry. The apprenticeship training system is unique in that its basic foundation consists of a partnership between industry, education and government.

California's multitude of industries/employers voluntarily sponsoring or participating in an apprenticeship program have found that this system of training is efficient and cost effective because it:

The Building and Construction Industry has traditionally utilized the apprenticeship system of training, i.e plumber, carpenter, electrician, in meeting its needed skilled work force. However, over the years many other California industries/employers whom have voluntarily implemented apprenticeship training programs, from manufacturing to health care, discovered the value of utilizing this system, and have incorporated apprenticeship into their workforce development strategy. Today individuals are being trained through apprenticeship in occupations, such as, culinarian, correctional officer, vocational nurse, nurse, firefighter, machinist, hazardous waste technician, hydroelectric machinery mechanic, automobile mechanic, geriatric specialist, and precision metal fabricator.

The Governor on April 28, 1995 approved the School to Career Plan developed by the School-to-Career Task Force included apprenticeship as a possible viable option to be considered as a part of California's school-to-career system. The CAC/DAS has been working on developing a strategy and a system that would make apprenticeship opportunities available to students while in high school.

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