The rulemaking described in the enclosed Notice of Proposed Action is identical, with the exception of dates relating to the public comment period and public hearings, to the Council's earlier proposed rulemaking published as OAL Notice Z02-0903-05 on September 13, 2002 in the California Regulatory Notice Register, No. 37-Z and subsequently withdrawn pursuant to Government Code section 11347.

 The enclosed Notice of Proposed is supplemented by the following language:

Costs or Savings to State Agencies; Reimbursable Costs Imposed on Local Agencies or School Districts; other nondiscretionary costs or savings imposed on local agencies; and costs or savings in federal funding to the state:

The statute imposes increased costs on the Office of the Director of the Department of Industrial Relations, and these proposals specifically' impose those costs on the Director's Legal Unit which will supply hearing officers and administer the hearing procedures.

The proposed regulations do not impose reimbursable costs
on local agencies or school districts, do not impose other nondiscretionary costs or savings on local agencies, and do not involve costs or savings in federal funding to the state.