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Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation (CHSWC)

California Forum for Workplace Health and Safety - February 8 -9, 2001

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l.  Welcome & introductions

ll.  California in the new millenium

lll.  Effective workplace health and safety program

IV.  Best practices from the field: 
       Developing new strategies

  • Group Facilitators
    Michael C. Alvarez, Area Manager, Cal Osha Consultation Services, DIR
    Elaine El-Askari, Program Coordinator, LOHP, UC Berkeley
    Marianne P. Brown, Director, LOSH, UC Los Angeles
    Quintin Robinson, Program Coordinator, LOSH, UC Los Angeles
    Richard Da Rosa, Sr. Industrial Hygienist, CalOSHA Consutation, DIR
    Robin Baker, Director, LOHP, UC Berkeley
    Kelly Howard, Area Manager, CalOSHA Consultation, DIR
    Diane Bush, Program Coordinator, LOHP, UC Berkeley
    Irina Nemirovsky, Research Specialist, CHSWC
    Betty Szudy, Program Coordinator, LOHP, UC Berkeley
    Laura Stock, Program Coordinator, LOHP, UC Berkeley
    Suzanne P. Teran, Program Coordinator, LOHP, UC Berkeley

V.  New solutions:
     Addressing special populations - panel discussion

VI.  Disability management and return to work

  • "Timely Return to Work:  Recent Findings"
    Leslie I. Boden, PhD, Professor, Boston University
    Robert T. Reville, PhD, Director of Research, RAND

  • Medical Management
    Jay Himmelstein, MD, MPH, Program Director
    Workers' Compensation Health Iniative, Univ. of Massachusetts Medical Center

  • "The Team Approach to Disability Management"
    Gideon Letz, MD, MPH, Medical Director, State Compensation Insurance Fund

  • "Case Management Perspectives"
    Linda Stutzman, Legal Nurse Consultant, Disability Management Insights

  • Injured Worker Needs
    Joan Lichterman, Injured Worker and Vice President, CTD Resouece Network, Inc.

  • Educational Intervention
    Juliann Sum, Esq., MPH, Labor Occupational Health Program, UC Berkeley

VII.  Future directions and new initiatives

  • Panel discussion

    John Howard, MD, Chief, Division of Occupational Safety and Health

    Robert J. Harrison, MD, Public Health Medical Officer, Dept. of Health Services

    Christine Baker, Executive Officer, Commission on Health & Safety & Workers' Compensation