The Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation is pleased to acknowledge and thank the following individuals and organizations from the California workers' compensation community.

Their willingness to share their insight and knowledge derived from years of experience has assisted the Commission immeasurably in its mission to oversee and recommend improvements in the workers' compensation and health and safety programs in California.

California Applicants' Attorneys Association

Laurence R. Lerner, Esq., President Frank D. Russo, Esq., President-Elect
Michael Ozurovich, Esq.
Mark Gerlach, Insurance Consultant
Doug Kim, Esq.
Lloyd B. Rowe, Esq.

California Association of Rehabiliation and Reemployment Professionals

Barbara Shogren-Lies, President

California Chamber of Commerce

Julianne A. Broyles, Director, Insurance and Employee Relations

Californians for Compensation Reform

Lori Kammerer, Managing Director

California District Attorneys Association

Michael R. Capizzi, CDAA President and District Attorney, Orange County
Alice Sprague, Deputy District Attorney, Alameda County

California Defense Attorneys Association

Theodore C. Hanf, President

California Manufacturers Association

Willie Washington, Legislative Advocate and Director of Human Resources, Safety and Health and Workers' Compensation

California Self-Insurers Association

Joseph E. Markey, Association Manager and Legislative Advocate

California Society of Industrial Medicine and Surgery

Carlyle R. Brakensiek, Executive Vice President

California Orthopaedics Association

Dianne Przepiorski, Executive Director

California Workers' Compensation Institute

Edward C. Woodward, President
Mark Miller, Research Associate
Michael J. McClain, General Counsel
Robert Young, Communications Director
Ron F. Markson, Executive Vice President
Rea B. Crane, Medical/Rehabilitation Director
Perla Madrano, Executive Administrative Assistant

Compensation Alert, Inc.

Dorsey Hamilton, Executive Director


Charles Lawrence Swezey, Esq.
Marie W. Wardell

Department of Industrial Relations

John Duncan, Acting Director
Jerry Simpson, Deputy Director
John Rea, Chief Legal Counsel
Larry Hoffart, Chief of Administration
Division of Administration staff

Department of Insurance

David Knowles, Deputy Commissioner
N. K. Newman, Deputy Commissioner, Fraud Branch

DIR Division of Labor Standards Enforcement

Jose Millan, Labor Commissioner
DLSE Staff

DIR Division of Labor Statistics and Research

Dorothy Vucksich, Chief
DLSR Staff

DIR Division of Occupational Safety and Health

John Howard, M.D., Chief
Frank Ciafalo, Deputy Chief, Health & Technical Services
DOSH Staff

DIR Division of Workers' Compensation

Casey L. Young, Administrative Director
Peggy L. Jones, Chief Deputy Administrative Director
Richard W. Younkin, Assistant Chief
Mark Kahn, Regional Manager
Robert Kutz, Regional Manager
William Whiteley, Regional Manager
Glenn Shor, Research and Evaluation Unit
DWC Staff

Employment Development Department

Diane Gilmore, Labor Market Information Division
Phil Hardiman, Labor Market Information Division
James G. Pattillo, General Counsel

Fraud Assessment Commission

Joseph E. Markey, Chairman

Industrial Medical Council

D. Allan MacKenzie, M.D., Executive Medical Director
Susan McKenzie, M.D.
Anne Searcey, M.D.
Suzanne Marria, Esq.
IMC Staff

Integrated Benefits Institute

B. Thomas Parry, President
William P. Molmen, General Counsel

Members of the Public

Injured workers and members of the public who share their views with the Commission
Participants in CHSWC Fact-Finding Hearings
Participants in CHSWC project advisory committees

RAND Permanent Disability Study Team

Mark Peterson
Lloyd Dixon
Rachel Kaganoff Stern
Peter Barth
Robert Reville

State Compensation Insurance Fund

Geri Madden, Government Relations
Donna Gallagher, Manager, Fraud Investigation Program

University of California at Berkeley

Frank Neuhauser, Project Director, Data/Survey Research Center
Andrew Kohler, Graduate School of Public Policy
Robin Baker, Director, Labor Occupational Health Program
Laura Stock, Associate Director, LOHP
Juliann Sum, Staff Attorney and Industrial Hygienist, LOHP
Nancy Shaw
Andrew Wiegand

Workers' Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau

Robert Mike, President
David Bellusci, Senior Vice President and Chief Actuary
Ward Brooks, Research Director

Finally, the Commission would like to acknowledge and thank its staff

Christine Baker, Executive Officer
Kirsten Strömberg, Research Program Specialist
Evonne Jolls, Staff Services Analyst
Janice R. Yapdiangco, Office Technician
Lavina Tam, Student Assistant