April 14, 2000

Pursuant to Labor Code Section 1181, the Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) held the eighth in a series of public meetings and hearings with regard to AB 60. The IWC heard testimony on matters impacting the health care industry, and on election procedures for adopting and repealing alternative workweek schedules. The meeting was held at 10:00 a.m. on April 14, 2000, at the Oakland Federal Building, located at 1301 Clay Street, Oakland, California. A transcript of the hearing has been prepared and is available for review.

IWC Chair Bill Dombrowski opened the public hearing at 10:06 a.m.. Commissioners Barry Broad, Bill Dombrowski, Harold Rose, and Doug Bosco were present. The IWC's staff, including, Executive Officer Andrew Baron, Principal Analyst Michael Moreno, Analyst Donna Scotti, and Analyst Lisa Chin, as well as the IWC's legal counsel, Deputy Attorney General Marguerite C. Stricklin, were also present.

Executive Officer Baron "swore" in newly appointed Commissioner, Mr. Harold Rose.

Commissioner Broad moved to approve the minutes from the March 31, 2000 hearing. Commissioner Rose seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Commissioner Broad advised the IWC that two nominees for the Wage Board for On-site industries were inadvertently omitted from the reading of the list of nominees at the last public hearing. He then read the names of the nominees, Gil Crosthwaite, and Lynn Kraemer, and advised the IWC that they were from the mining industry.

Commissioner Broad suggested reconsideration of the action to establish a wage board for certain employees in the computer industry, and asked that the issue be addressed at the next public hearing. Commissioner Dombrowski agreed that the IWC should reconsider its action because legislation has been introduced to address the issue, and directed the IWC staff to put the matter on the May 5 agenda.

The following individuals presented testimony:

Healthcare Industry

Don Maddy, George Steffes, Inc.; California
Erin Pettengill, registered nurse, Sutter Memorial Hospital, Sacramento
Libby Prall, registered nurse, Sutter Memorial Hospital
Darci Cimino, licensed vocational nurse, Sutter Memorial Hospital
Cathy White, registered nurse, Eisenhower Medical Center, Palm Springs
Melanie Walker, respiratory therapist, John Muir Medical Center
Amy Lowery, registered nurse, Mercy Healthcare, Bakersfield
Allen Outlaw, respiratory therapist, Eisenhower Medical Center
Tom Luevano, Sutter Health RICHARD SIMMONS, Sheppard, Mullin, Richte & Hampton
Tom Rankin, California Labor Federation
Leila Valdivia, registered nurse, Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center, SEIU Local 535
Joyce Gray, registered nurse, Encino Tarzana Medical Center
Deborah Bayer, registered nurse, Children's Hospital, Oakland; California Nurses Association
Wendy Bloom, registered nurse, Children's Hospital, Oakland
Michael Zackos, registered nurse, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles; UNAC
Cheryl Obasih-Williams, registered nurse, Fountain Valley Medical Center
Barbara Blake, United Nurses Associations of California/AFSCME
Herb Steinkrans, respiratory therapist, Seton Medical Center, Daly City
Allen Davenport, Service Employees International Union
Kay McVay, California Nurses Association
Patricia Gates, Van Bourg, Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld
Tom Rankin, California Labor Federation
Kerry Rodriguez Messer, California Association of Health Facilities
Paul Tennell, Vencor; California Association of Health Facilities
Cindy Laubacher, Wilke, Fleury, Hoffelt, Gould & Birney; California Veterinary Medicine Association
Denyne Kowalewski, California Association for Health Services at Home
Marilyn Baker-Venturini, Self-Help HomeCare & Hospice
Mary Jo Kelly, parent of home care patient
Holly Swiger, Vitas Healthcare Corporation
Roberta Acker, respiratory care practitioner, Children's Hospital, Oakland
Katie Sabato, supervisor, Children's Hospital, Oakland
Chris Woodfall, respiratory therapist, Stanford University Hospital
Susan Smith, respiratory care practitioner, Stanford University Hospital
Jan Anderson, California Dialysis Council
Timothy Winn, respiratory care manager, Children's Hospital, Oakland
Brent Watts, respiratory therapist, Children's Hospital, Oakland

Advanced Practice Nurses

Tom Rankin, California Labor Federation
Malcolm Trifon, Kaiser Permanente; California Healthcare Association
Ken Sulzer, Seyfarth, Shaw, Fairweather & Geraldson; California Association of Nurse Practioners
Sandra Schmit, certified registered nurse anesthetist, Kaiser Oakland Medical Center
Naomi Newhouse, nurse midwife, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group
Krisa Van Meurs, M.D., Lucile Packard Hospital, Stanford University
Terri Schneider-Biehl, neonatal nurse practitioner, Children's Hospital and Medical Center, San Diego
Donna King, pediatric nurse practitioner, Children's Hospital, San Diego
David Loose, Association of California Nurse Leaders
Barbara Blake, United Nurses Associations of California/AFSCME
Tricia Hunter, American Nurses Association, California
Laurie Twight, clinical nurse specialist

Election Procedures

Allen Davenport, Service Employees International Union
Peter Cooper, California Labor Federation
Barbara Blake, United Nurses Associations of California/AFSCME

After the IWC determined that no one present wished to give further testimony, it was agreed by common consent to adjourn the public hearing at 3:05 p.m. Commissioner Rose moved to adjourn. Commissioner Broad seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

Respectfully Submitted,


Andrew R. Baron
Executive Officer


_________________________ ___________

Bill Dombrowski, Chairperson