WCIS eNews No. 71
Apr. 17, 2008

WCIS Advisory Meeting and EDI training update

As mentioned in WCIS eNews 70, California-specific EDI training is currently being organized.  The training will be held in conjunction with the annual WCIS Advisory Meeting which is set for Monday, June 9, 2008 in San Francisco.  A draft of the meeting agenda is attached.  As a reminder, please let us know if you plan to participate in the WCIS Advisory Meeting and/or EDI training.  The deadline has been extended to April 23, 2008. 

The EDI training will be sponsored by the IAIABC and the California Division of Workers’ Compensation.  The training will only be offered if there are enough participants to make it cost effective.  The proposed dates are June 9-11, 2008 at the Milton Marks Conference Center (Hiram Johnson State Building Auditorium), 455 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94102-3688.  

The training sessions will cover the following topics:

EDI 101 - basic concepts of submitting workers’ compensation reports using the IAIABC Release 1 standard.  This session is suitable for those who are new to electronic data interchange (EDI), including workers’ compensation managers, supervisors, adjusters, new IT personnel, and support staff.

EDI 201 - intermediate concepts for reporting FROIs and SROIs.  Coursework is mostly focused on reporting edits and acknowledgments.  This session is targeted to an audience with a basic understanding of EDI.

EDI 301 - advanced concepts in EDI claim reporting.  Attendees should have computer programming knowledge and responsibilities.  Information technology staff and EDI vendors will particularly benefit from this training.

EDI Medical - both the business and technical aspects of reporting medical bill payment requirements.  The Medical session will be especially suitable for those entities and individuals involved in the transmission of medical bill review data, medical bill review and medical bill review systems.  Medical providers and claims administrator staff may also benefit from the less technical aspects of the medical session.


If you plan to participate, please complete the training questionnaire and submit your response via e-mail to wcis@dir.ca.gov by April 23, 2008.

WCIS advisory meeting and EDI Training Attendance Questionnaire

Company Name:_____________________________

Name of Participant:_________________________

E-mail Address: _____________________________

Please mark "X" in either yes or no:

WCIS Advisory Meeting

Monday, June 9 9am to 1pm yes____ no____

EDI training - please specify which course(s) EDI 101, 201, 301 and/or Medical.

Monday, June 9 2pm to 5pm, EDI 101 yes____ no____
Tuesday, June 10 9am to 12pm, EDI 201 yes____ no____
  1pm to 5pm, EDI 301 yes____ no____
EDI Medical training
Wednesday, June 11 9am to 12pm, Medical yes____ no____
  1pm to 5pm, Medical yes____ no____

Registration fees will be based on the number of attendees. These fees will be used to cover the IAIABC trainers’ travel and lodging costs.  Fees will only apply to the EDI training. There is no charge to attend the WCIS Advisory Meeting.

Participants are responsible for lodging and travel arrangements.  The following link offers information on hotels: http://www.sftravel.com/

Elisema Cantu
email: ecantu@dir.ca.gov
phone: 510-286-6763
fax: 510-286-6862
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Damon Chen
email: dcchen@dir.ca.gov
phone: 510-286-6753
fax: 510-286-6862
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Johnny Lee
phone: 510-286-6772
fax: 510-286-6862
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