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Dear Employer:

The Division of Occupational Safety and Health has received a complaint (Complaint #__________ ) alleging the following condition(s) at your (establishment name and address) which may be a violation of the Safety Orders found in Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations.

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To review Title 8, California Code of Regulations, go to www.dir.ca.gov, click on "Regulations," then click on "Cal/OSHA," and enter the code section number mentioned above.  Or you can go directly to >http://www.dir.ca.gov/samples/search/query.htm<.

The Division has not determined whether the hazards, as alleged, exist at your workplace and, at this time, the Division does not intend to conduct an inspection of your workplace.

However, you are required to investigate the alleged condition(s) and notify this Office in writing no later than fourteen (14) calendar days after receipt of this letter whether the alleged condition(s) exist and, if so, specify the corrective action(s) you have taken and the estimated date when the corrections will be completed.

Please include any written documentation, e.g., equipment purchase orders or contracts for corrective work, and photographs, if appropriate, in your response. If you do not respond in a timely and satisfactory manner, an unannounced inspection of your workplace will be scheduled which may result in citation(s) and monetary penalties. Also, every tenth satisfactory letter response from employers is subject to verification by an inspection.

You are required to post a copy of this letter in a prominent location in their workplace where it is readily accessible for employee review for at least three (3) working days or until the hazard is corrected, whichever is longer.

This letter is not a citation or a notification of a proposed penalty. Citations and penalties can only issued after an inspection of your workplace. If the Division does not receive a satisfactory response from you within fourteen (14) calendar days after receipt of this letter, an on-site inspection will be conducted as appropriate.

If the identity of the complainant is known to the Division, a copy of this letter will be sent to the complainant. Also, the complainant will be notified that California law protects any person who makes a complaint about workplace safety or health hazards from being treated differently, discharged or discriminated against in any manner by their employer. If a complainant believes they have been discriminated against, it is their right to file a complaint with the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement within six (6) months of the discriminatory action.

If you have any questions concerning this matter, please contact me at the address in the letterhead.

Your interest in the safety and health of your employees is appreciated.




District Manager or Designee

enclosure: Applicable Title 8 Safety Orders or Reference to Title 8 Regulations on the Web