P&P C-7 LETTER "a"






City State Zip

Dear Complainant:

I have received your complaint (Complaint No.____________) of alleged hazards at (establishment name and address).

After careful review, I have decided not to conduct an investigation because (select one of the following reasons):

1. The complaint is too vague to tell whether a workplace hazard exists.

2. As a result of a previous inspection (give date and copy of citations, if any), the hazard you brought to my attention
(is not present) (has been corrected) or (will shortly be corrected).

3. The hazard does not fall with jurisdiction of the Division of Occupational Safety and Health because___________________________________________________________________________________.
As a result, your complaint has been referred to_________________________________________

If you are able to provide additional information about your complaint which you think I should consider, or disagree with my decision and would like to review the reasons for the decision, please contact me at the address on the letterhead.

If you are still unsatisfied with the action taken by me on your complaint after reviewing the reasons with me, you have the right to review my decision with my Regional Manager.

California law protects any person who makes a complaint about a workplace safety or health hazard from being treated differently, discharged or discriminated against in any manner by their employer. If you believe that you have been discriminated against because you made a complaint to the Division of Occupational Safety and Health, you may file a discrimination complaint with the nearest office of the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (Labor Commissioner). However, you must file your complaint within six (6) months of the discriminatory action.

Thank you for your concern about workplace safety and health.




District Manager or Designee

enclosure: Citation(s) from previous inspection, if applicable.