Important notice

Effective January 30, 2003 the minimum civil penalty has been increased to $5,000.00 for failure to report a fatality or serious injury or illness to the Division as required by section 342 of Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations. Only the amount of the penalty has been changed, not the reporting requirements. For your information the following is a summary of the reporting requirements:

Employers Reporting Responsibilities
to CAL/OSHA Pertaining to On-The-Job
Injuries and Illnesses

Incidents requiring reporting to the Division within 8 hours:

� Fatal injury to an employee

� Serious injury or illness to employee

A serious injury or illness is defined as:

� Loss of a member of the body (e.g., amputation); or

� Serious degree of permanent disfigurement (e.g., crushing or severe burn type injuries); or

�In-patient hospitalization in excess of 24 hours for other than observation,

Employers are not required to report any injury or illness or death caused by an accident on a public street or highway, or by the commission of a Penal Code violation, except a violation of section 385 of the Penal Code.

If a fatal or serious injury or illness to an employee occurs the employer must report by telephone or fax to the nearest district office of the Division (refer to Cal/OSHA poster) not longer than 8 hours after the employer knows or with diligent inquiry would have known of the incident. If the employer can demonstrate that exigent circumstances exist the time frame for the report may be made no longer than 24 hours after the incident.

Information required to be reported to the Division:

1. Time and date of accident.
2. Employer's name, address and telephone number.
3. Name and job title, or badge number of person reporting the accident.
4. Address of site of accident or event.
5. Name of person to contact at site of accident.
6. Name and address of injured employee(s).
7. Nature of injury.
8. Location where injured employee(s) was (were) moved to.
9. List and identity of other law enforcement agencies present at the site of accident.
10. Description of accident and whether the accident scene or instrumentality has been altered.