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April 30, 2012

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DIR Launches Small Business Portal to Help California Businesses

Oakland — The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) announces the launch of the Small Business Portal to better help California small business owners ensure that they are in compliance and up-to-date on current regulations and laws designed to protect employees.

“As we know, small businesses are vital to our economy and it is important to ensure that they have all the tools necessary to be successful in California” said DIR Director Christine Baker. “We continue to move towards increased access for California small business owners to information they need to run their businesses efficiently. This portal provides greater service to the public and increases access to the services DIR provides.”

The Small Business Portal contains information that is important to business owners that is brought together in one location. This portal provides essential information pertaining to starting a business—including registering a business name, obtaining an Employer Identification Number, and registering for state and local taxes. Also included is important information on hiring and administering employees, as well as ensuring that a workplace is in proper compliance with safety regulations.

In addition to information about the proper payment of wages, the web portal offers an important path to access Cal/OSHA’s free consultation services that assist small employers to ensure that they have a safe and healthful worksite. Additional information is available to help guide employers on what steps to take if an employee is injured on the job.

“Providing such a valuable resource to small business owners is vital as they are typically unable to have revenue available to hire consultants to address important business issues for them,” added Director Baker. “We need to ensure new business owners and established small businesses have the resources they need to thrive and be competitive in the current economy.”

Information found in the Small Business Portal was gathered from the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (also known as the Labor Commissioner’s Office) website, the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (commonly known as Cal/OSHA) website, and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development, or GO-Biz.

Employers can contact Cal/OSHA’s Consultation Unit at 1-800-963-9424 or email Employees with work-related questions or complaints can call the California Workers’ Information Hotline at 1-866-924-9757.

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