IR #2008-01
January 2, 2008

Kate McGuire
(415) 703-5050

EEEC joins Korean business community to discuss minimum wage increase and other labor issues

WHO Robert Jones, Deputy Secretary of Policy & Enforcement, Labor and Workforce Development Agency (LWDA)
David Dorame, Director, Economic and Employment Enforcement Coalition (EEEC)
Steven Kim, President, Korean-American Garment Association
Joe Rodriguez, President, American Garment Association

WHAT News Conference

WHEN Thursday, January 3, 2008 at 11 a.m.

WHERE Korean American Garment Association
981 South Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA

WHY Participants will discuss the increase in the California minimum wage, the commitment to ongoing enforcement in rooting out the underground economy in the garment and other industries, and the need for labor law compliance in the garment industry. The garment industry was the target of numerous sweeps by the EEEC in 2007. Many garment manufacturing businesses are Korean-American-owned and operated.