IR #07-51
October 12, 2007

Dean Fryer
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State Labor Commissioner & Economic & Employment Enforcement Coalition issue more than $600,000 in citations to Los Angeles and Orange County garment manufacturers

Los Angeles – October 12, 2007—Officials with the State Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (Labor Commissioner’s Office) and the Economic & Employment Enforcement Coalition (EEEC) in a joint, two-day enforcement sweep issued over 100 citations totaling more than $600,000 to Los Angeles and Orange County garment manufacturers.

More than 70 manufacturers in Los Angeles and Orange counties were cited for failure to provide wage deduction statements, carry workers’ compensation insurance, pay minimum wage, register or renew licenses and other violations of state labor laws.

“We are here to ensure that the garment industry properly pays its employees and that the rights, protections and safety of these workers are safeguarded,” said California Labor Commissioner Angela Bradstreet. “We will conduct detailed payroll audits and will seek additional back wages and penalties in addition to the $600,000 we assessed during this two-day enforcement action.”

Ten teams of investigators conducted the sweeps of garment manufacturers in various areas of Los Angeles and Orange counties, and garments were seized and confiscated from eight businesses that were operating illegally. To request a list of the garment manufacturers cited, email the Department of Industrial Relations at:

On-site citations issued include 40 citations for failure to keep accurate records for three years, 28 citations for failure to provide wage deduction statements, and 11citations for failure to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Garment operators with no workers’ compensation insurance were shut down on the spot, and in some cases, investigators contacted manufacturers to arrange for employees to be paid their wages due immediately.

“California workers have workplace protections and it is our job to make sure labor laws are not violated,” said EEEC Executive Director David Dorame. “At the same time, California business owners deserve a level playing field so they can remain competitive, thriving enterprises.”

The DLSE adjudicates wage claims, investigates discrimination and public works complaints, and enforces state labor law and Industrial Welfare Commission wage orders. EEEC is a multi-agency task force designed to root out California’s underground economy. To learn more about the functions of the California Labor Commissioner and EEEC, visit our web site at