IR #07-30
June 28, 2007

Kate McGuire
Dean Fryer
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State Division of Labor Standards Cites Local Restaurant Owners

San Bernardino - June 27, 2007-After a four-month investigation, officials with the State Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) today cited local restaurant owners after finding numerous violations of state labor laws at four restaurants including gross underreporting of payroll taxes and failure to pay proper minimum wage and overtime, as well as failure to provide itemized wage deduction statements, legally required meal and rest periods and illegally employing minors.

"It's our job to ensure that employees are paid proper wages and to safeguard their rights and protections as well as to provide for the protection of minors at all times," said California Labor Commissioner, Angela Bradstreet. "We will conduct detailed payroll audits and will seek back wages and penalties totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars."

The restaurants cited include S.B. King Buffet, Inc. in San Bernardino, Moreno Buffet and New Grand Buffet, both in Moreno Valley, and Mr. Lu's Buffet, Inc. in Temecula.

Investigators found that most of the restaurants employ eight-to-10 workers who were typically required to work 12 hour days, six days a week for less than minimum wage, no paid overtime and without meal and rest breaks in violation of California labor law.

Investigators issued citations on site totaling $36,750 for failure to provide itemized deduction statements and one citation totaling $500 for a lack of work permit for a minor.

"We will not allow flagrant violations of our labor laws," Bradstreet added. "These employees are entitled to be compensated at the rate the law requires, and all California business owners deserve a level playing field so they can remain competitive, thriving enterprises."

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