IR #2007-08
March 1, 2007

Dean Fryer
Jana Leiran
(415) 703-5050

EEEC workshop assists local dairy owners with state workplace requirements

Bakersfield - The Economic and Employment Enforcement Coalition (EEEC) yesterday conducted a workshop designed to inform and educate local dairy owners, managers and supervisors of the requirements of state and federal workplace laws and regulations. The workshop was the second to take place in the Central Valley in the past month, and addressed state and federal workplace laws for dairy and farm employers and their supervisors. This workshop was hosted by the Western United Dairyman's Association at their annual convention.

"Outreach is an important component of our efforts and it is encouraging to have the Western United Dairyman's Association partner with us to educate local dairy owners of workplace requirements," said David Dorame, EEEC Executive Director. "The EEEC combines enforcement with education to help employers understand the importance of following state labor laws."

The EEEC presentation included expert speakers from the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement and Division of Occupational Safety and Health. The Employment Development Department and US Department of Labor were also on hand to answer questions and provide information on workplace safety, wage and hour, payroll taxes, registration and a variety of other labor-related issues.

The EEEC is a partnership of state and federal agencies that collaborate to maximize resources in fighting the underground economy through vigorous and targeted enforcement against labor law violators and to provide employer and employee outreach and education.

For more information on the EEEC, please visit or call the Department of Industrial Relation's Communications Office at 415 703-5050.