IR #2006-09
March 15, 2006

Dean Fryer
Renée Bacchini
(415) 703-5050

Michael Jackson to pay back wages to employees of Neverland

San Francisco- The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) confirmed today that representatives for Michael Jackson are processing the payroll for the back-pay owed to his employees. Jackson's representatives will distribute payroll directly to the employees tomorrow, March 16.

"There is no need to take legal action in this matter at this time as our main concern that all employees receive wages owed to them is being addressed," said Robert Jones, acting California labor commissioner. "As directed in a letter on March 7 demanding payment of wages, arrangements have been made to ensure that all employees are paid wages owed them," added Jones.

"The total amount in back-wages paid will be known when the payroll process is completed and we have verified Jackson's records. DIR will then calculate the total amount in penalties and act to ensure they are paid. Verified back-wage and penalty amounts should be available early next week," said Jones.

The representatives of Mr. Jackson also indicated they were in the process of obtaining workers' compensation insurance. DIR investigators recently visited Neverland Ranch and verified that no one working at the ranch was an employee of Michael Jackson. The security is being handled by members of the Jackson family and a local veterinarian has put the animal caregivers on his payroll.

"In addition to the wage related penalties, we will be calculating and collecting the exact amount due the state for Mr. Jackson's failure to have required workers' compensation insurance coverage for his employees", added Jones.

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