IR #2006-06
February 7, 2006

Dean Fryer
Renée Bacchini
(415) 703-5050

DIR reminds employers of obligation to post injury/illness logs

San Francisco-California employers are reminded that they must post at their place of business, a summary of job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred during 2005. The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) requires the summary be displayed from February 1 to April 30 for employee review.

"Every employer must post the injury and illness log in a location where all employees can review it," said John Rea acting director for DIR. "This posting requirement is an important part of every employer's obligation. The log details what injuries have occurred and how they happened. This information creates awareness among employees so they can understand how to avoid similar injuries in the future."

Employers with 11 or more employees, except those covered in the California low-hazard establishments in the retail, services, finance and real estate sectors, must display the totals from the Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses (CAL/OSHA form 300A) wherever employee notices are usually posted. If there is more than one business establishment, a separate log and summary must be posted in each physical location that is expected to be in operation for one year or longer.

The Form 300A is used to show the total injuries and illnesses for the year in each of the categories. This illustrates the extent and severity of work-related incidents. Also, it helps prevent further illness and injuries by bringing awareness to employers and employees.

Employers who need more information about their posting requirements and on how to reduce workplace injuries should visit the DIR Web site at