IR #98-40
Wednesday, December 9, 1998

Rick Rice
Dean Fryer
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Suzanne Marr
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State Certified Medical Evaluator Charged with Forgery

SAN FRANCISCO -- An investigation conducted by the Industrial Medical Council of the Department of Industrial Relations has resulted in the arrest of Paul Fredrick Schroeder, D.C., of Fresno. The Fresno District Attorney's Office has charged Schroeder with three felony counts of forgery.

Schroeder, a chiropractor certified as a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) by the Industrial Medical Council (IMC), is charged with allegedly forging the signatures of other QMEs in the Fresno area. The signatures were forged on a form which is used to change the QME's status to "inactive". With an inactive QME status, the physician can not perform QME forensic evaluations in the workers' compensation system. In addition, the physician's name is no longer sent to unrepresented injured workers as a QME available in that community.

"Individuals who are dishonest or corrupt should not be in a role of evaluating patients to determine the extent of disability," said Allan MacKenzie, M.D., Executive Medical Director of the IMC. "We will investigate and prosecute any criminal misconduct by physicians in the California Workers' Compensation system," added MacKenzie.

The Industrial Medical Council certifies and appoints physicians to do medical/legal exams and reports used in the workers' compensation system to determine benefits for injured workers.

EDITOR'S NOTE: For further information regarding the charges in this case, please contact Patrick B. Waterman of the Fresno District Attorney's Office at (209) 488-6710.

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