IR # 97-21
Wednesday, April 9, 1997

Rick Rice
Louis Bonsignore
(415) 972-8835

IWC Meeting on Flexible Workweek

SAN FRANCISCO--The Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) will hold a public meeting for discussion and possible final actions on a proposal to conform California overtime rules to Federal law and that of 47 other states. In addition, the meeting will address for discussion and possible final actions proposals to increase the meals and lodging credits in all IWC orders. The meeting is scheduled for:

San Francisco--
Friday, April 11, 1997
11 a.m. PUC State Building
505 Van Ness Ave.
Auditorium, First Floor

The meeting will address Section 3 in the Industrial Welfare Commission Wage Orders 1, 4, 5, 7 and 9 covering manufacturing; mechanical, clerical, technical and professional occupations; hotels, restaurants, and hospitals (public housekeeping), retail, wholesale and sales (mercantile), and the transportation industry. Anyone employed in those various industries or occupations covered by a collective bargaining agreement is not affected by a change in the wage order.

The meeting will also address the Commission proposals to amend: Section 2 in each of the five orders to allow administrative, executive and professional employees increased flexibility to parallel federal law; Section 11 in each of the five orders to allow employees to voluntarily waive a meal period under certain protective conditions; and the IWC proposal to exempt specific commissioned employees covered by Order 5.

The Commission held five separate Wage Boards during 1996 regarding these proposals. The IWC then took written and verbal public comment on the proposals during three investigatory public hearings held throughout California during March of this year. The public comment period is now closed and no new testimony will be taken at the April 11 meeting.

Additional IWC business will conducted at the meeting and public testimony and comment may be accepted for those items only.

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