IR # 95-27
Thursday, December 28, 1995

Rick Rice
(714) 935-2812

DIR Looks Back at '95 and
Forward to the Coming Year

SAN FRANCISCO--"As 1995 draws to a close it is important to look back at the year to determine what has been accomplished and what remains to be done to help make California a vibrant state in which to live, work and do business," said Lloyd W. Aubry, Jr., Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations. "With that in mind, we have summarized a few of the varied accomplishments of the Department and present some of the issues that will appear before us in the coming year."

Regulatory Reform

Results In Workers Compensation Reform

As a LA Times columnist stated in a recent commentary, "Let's also thank all those who fought in the business climate reform movement. To some, California was once infamous for being about as inviting to business as communist Bulgaria....but at least we have put a stake in the heart of the most obnoxious impediment -- the notorious workers' compensation system that was piling unnecessary costs on all businesses and crushing small ones..."

Workplace Safety and Health

Labor Law Enforcement

Public Access

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