IR# 95-14
Thursday, July 20, 1995

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Karla Yates
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California Industrial Welfare Commission Schedules
Public Hearings on Minimum Wage

San Francisco -- The California Industrial Welfare Commission (IWC) will hold four public hearings throughout the state beginning July 28, 1995, as part of its investigation of the adequacy of the present state minimum wage, IWC Chairperson Robyn Black has announced.

According to Black, the Commission is responding to its legislative mandate to "conduct a full review of the minimum wage at least once every two years". Holding these investigative hearings is the first step of the IWC's formal review. Information gathered at the public hearings will be used to help the Commission determine whether to convene a wage board, made up of an equal number of labor and management representatives, which would study the present minimum wage and report back to the Commission.

The hearings are scheduled for the following times and locations:

The present minimum wage in California is set at $4.25 per hour in each of the IWC's 15 industry and occupational wage orders and in Order No. MW-88, Regulating the Minimum Wage. The California minimum wage is currently at the same level as that set by the Federal government.

Any interested person may speak or present information on minimum wage issues at the hearings. When written statements have been submitted it is not necessary to present them orally. Written materials should be mailed as far in advance as possible to the Industrial Welfare Commission, P.O. Box 420603, San Francisco, CA 94142-0603, preferably with eight (8) copies. Facsimile transmissions of materials cannot be accepted.


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