IR# 95-11
Friday, June 16, 1995

John Duncan
Paul Lynd
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Rick Rice (L.A.)
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DIR Updates Report on Workers' Comp Reform Progress

SAN FRANCISCO -- Continuing to update the progress of workers' compensation reform in California, the Department of Industrial Relations has released an updated third edition of its publication Meaningful Reform of Workers' Compensation in California.

"Next month, will be two years since Governor Wilson signed the package of reforms that made meaningful reform a reality in California," Director Lloyd W. Aubry, Jr. said. "This report updates the significant successes that have resulted in such a dramatic decline in employer costs."

According to the updated report, insurance premiums dropped nearly 32 percent before repeal of the minimum rate law as a result of reductions ordered by regulation and the Legislature. At the beginning of the year, premiums have fallen further. Based on savings in premium alone, the savings from reform currently exceeds originally projected savings. The new progress report updates all aspects of reform, including medical-legal evaluations, stress claims, and the introduction of 24-Hour Coverage.

Copies of the new report are available by writing the Department of Industrial Relations, Publications Office, P.O. Box 420603, San Francisco, California 94142-0603 or by calling (415) 703-5281.