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Tuesday, April 18, 1995

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Los Angeles Apparel Trade Show Also Site for Outreach Blitz

SAN FRANCISCO -- The largest apparel trade show on the West Coast will also be the site of the first Apparel Industry Information Fair, to be held on Saturday, April 22, 1995 at the West Hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Information Fair will open at 10:00 a.m. and run until 3:00 p.m.

The Information Fair is open to the public and is geared toward anyone interested in the apparel business, whether as a garment manufacturer, contractor, or in any related field. The fair will offer both industry newcomers and veterans the opportunity to get answers to their questions about all aspects of the apparel business, including laws regulating employment, health and safety as well as business licensing and registration. Industry experts from the state and federal government, manufacturing and contracting associations as well as from educational institutions will be on hand to provide information.

"This is one of those occasions where a public-private partnership has enabled us to bring together under one roof a host of information sources who can help apparel business operators understand their responsibilities," said Victoria L. Bradshaw, the State Labor Commissioner. "It is a continuation of our ongoing outreach efforts to help businesses, and those who want to go into business, that possibilities exist for both profit and compliance with laws governing the industry," she said.

The Information Fair is being held in conjunction with the Sewn Products Expo/Los Angeles and is being coordinated by the State Labor Commissioner's Office and the Apparel Contractors Alliance of California. Participating government agencies include the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement, the U.S. Department of Labor, City of Los Angeles Business License Unit, County of Los Angeles Health Department License Unit, Cal/OSHA Consultation Service, and the state Employment Development Department.

Other participating organizations include the Coalition of Apparel Industries in California, the garment Contractor's Association of Southern California, the American Chinese Garment Contractor's Association, the Northern California Chinese Garment Contractor's Association and the Korean American Garment Industry Association. Also on hand will be representatives from Los Angeles Trade Technical College and the USC Business Expansion Network.

For further information contact Jose Millan in the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement at (415) 703-4750.


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