Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation

December 13, 2013

Lachlan Taylor
(510) 622-3959

CHSWC Recognizes the 100th Anniversary of California’s Workers’ Compensation Law  

OAKLAND -- The Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation (CHSWC) is pleased to recognize the 100th anniversary of the California Workers’ Compensation Law. Signed in 1913 at the 40th Session of the California Legislature, the law went into effect the following January 1st, 1914.

CHSWC has also posted the relevant Chapters 75 and 76 for historical reference at Noteworthy in this original set of laws are the foundations of employer liability protections, worker benefits payments and worker safety protections that persist today.

CHSWC, created by the workers' compensation reform legislation of 1993, is charged with examining the health and safety and workers' compensation systems in California and recommending administrative or legislative modifications to improve their operation.  CHSWC was established to conduct a continuing examination of the workers' compensation system and of the state's activities to prevent industrial injuries and occupational diseases and to examine those programs in other states.

Information about CHSWC is available on the CHSWC website,   Information may also be obtained by writing to CHSWC at 1515 Clay Street, 17th Floor, Oakland, California, 94612; by calling (510) 622-3959; by faxing a request to (510) 622-3265; or by email to


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