November 15, 2004

Christine Baker

CHSWC and LOHP, UC Berkeley, publish multilingual health and safety resource guide to worker training materials

SAN FRANCISCO -- The Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation (CHSWC) and the Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP) at the University of California, Berkeley, have published a Multilingual Health and Safety Resource Guide for the Workers' Occupational Safety and Health Education Program (WOSHTEP).

WOSHTEP provides injury and illness prevention skills training for employees and their representatives who take a leadership role in promoting safety and health in the workplace. The program is administered by CHSWC in partnership with the Labor and Occupational Safety and Health Program (LOSH) at University of California, Los Angeles, and LOHP.

The Multilingual Health and Safety Resource Guide was prepared by LOHP for CHSWC and is designed to complement the statewide Worker Health and Safety Training and Education Program (WOSHTEP). It is a collection of worker training materials, such as fact sheets, checklists and other educational resources that are available on-line and can be printed to distribute to workers participating in workplace injury and illness prevention programs.

The guide includes health and safety resources in seventeen different languages and is housed on the CHSWC website,

Both LOSH and LOHP maintain a resource library and distribution system of occupational safety and health training materials on a wide range of topics in several languages. Materials can be found at and

CHSWC is charged with overseeing the health and safety and workers' compensation systems in California and recommending administrative or legislative modifications to improve their operation. The Commission was established to conduct a continuing examination of the workers' compensation system and of the state's activities to prevent industrial injuries and occupational diseases and to examine those programs in other states.

Information about WOSHTEP is available at CHSWC's home page at, by calling (415) 703-4220, by faxing a request to (415) 703-4234, or by emailing Effective December 1, 2004, CHSWC's telephone number will be (510) 622-3959, and FAX number will be (510) 622-3265.