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CHSWC and the Industrial Medical Council jointly initiated a project for a literature review regarding the impact of modified work offers on the return to work outcomes of injured workers.

Some employers offer modified work to facilitate early return to work for temporarily or permanently disabled workers. 


Although many experts in the field regard modified work as a cornerstone in the rehabilitation process, little is known about the availability, structure, effectiveness and efficiency of modified work programs.

The objective of this literature review was to synthesize and critically appraise the scientific evidence in these four areas.


The literature review of modified work has been completed.


This review found that modified work programs are both effective and economically feasible.   Injured workers who are offered modified work programs return to work about twice as often as those who are not offered such programs.   However, methodologically more rigorous studies are needed to determine the magnitude of cost-savings and which program elements are most effective.

Further Information

&      CHSWC Report: ‘Does Modified Work Facilitate Return to Work for Temporarily or Permanently Disabled Workers?’  (1997)

Other Reports on Retrun-to-Work

&      CHSWC Report: ‘Determinants of Return to Work and Duration of Disability After Work-Related Injury or Illness: Developing a Research Agenda’ (Publication Pending)