Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation

Date: Thursday, April 17, 2003
Time: 10 am
Place: State of California Department of Consumer Affairs
400 "R" Street
Room 1030
Sacramento,  California



I. Call to Order/ Minutes from the February 28, 2003 CHSWC meeting
            Jill A. Dulich, Chair

II. Study Results of the Survey of Return-to-Work at California Private Self-Insured Employers
     Status of the CHSWC Study of Permanent Disability by RAND
            Robert T. Reville, PhD, Director, RAND Institute of Civil Justice

III. Update of the CHSWC study of the California Workers' Compensation Insurance Market
            Brandon Miller, Hays Companies

IV. Follow-up on the Disciplinary Procedures of the Industrial Medical Council
             Joel Gomberg, CHSWC Staff Judge

V. * Workers' Compensation Medical Billing System Study Report
            Barbara O. Wynn, Senior Health Policy Analyst, RAND
            Christine Baker, CHSWC Executive Officer

Vl.  Upcoming CHSWC Activities
         California Research Colloquium on WC Medical Benefit Delivery and Return to Work, May 1&2 at UCLA
         Child labor photo exhibit by Lewis Wickes Hine, Opening May 7 in San Francisco City Hall
              Christine Baker, CHSWC Executive Officer

Vll. *Other Business / Proposals / Public Questions and Comments*

*  Action item for CHSWC consideration and/or vote

Please Note: Public comments are limited to three minutes per speaker.
Topics are subject to CHSWC review and approval.
The agenda may be adjusted, if necessary, depending upon the time needed for discussion of each item.

For any questions regarding this agenda, please contact:
Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation (CHSWC)
455 Golden Gate Avenue, 10th Floor, San Francisco,  CA  94102
Email:     Phone:  (415) 703-4220    Fax:  (415) 703-4234     Contact Person:  Christine Baker