Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation

Date: Thursday, May 6, 1999
Time 10:00 am until business is completed
Place: Department of Consumer Affairs
400 "R" Street
First Floor Hearing Room
Sacramento, California


I. Call to Order / Minutes from the February 26, 1999 meeting
            Kristen Schwenkmeyer, Chair

II. A Report from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau
            David Bellusci, Executive Vice President and Chief Actuary, WCIRB

III. A Treating Physician’s Perspective on the Workers’ Compensation Treating Presumption
            Phil Wagner, MD, Humboldt Occupational & Environmental Medicine

IV. A Brief Report on Practice under the "Baseball Arbitration" Provisions of Labor Code §4065
            C. L. Swezey, CHSWC Legal Consultant

V. Status Report on the Workers’ Compensation Information System (WCIS)
        Jim Bellows, Division of Workers’ Compensation

VI. Information Presentation on the Initiative for Work and Health
        John W. Frank, PhD, Visiting Professor, UC Berkeley
        Robert C. Spear, PhD, Professor and Director for the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, UC Berkeley
        Juliann Sum, Esq., MS, Labor Occupational Health Program, UC Berkeley
        Niklas Krause, MD, PhD, MPH, Project Director, Public Health Institute, Berkeley

VII. Update and Discussion Regarding Commission Studies and New Proposals
        Christine Baker, Executive Officer

                                       VIII.   Other Business / Public Questions / Comments

                                        IX.   Adjournment