Commission on Health and Safety and Workers' Compensation


Date: Thursday, November 6, 2008
Time: 10:00 AM

Elihu Harris State Building, Auditorium
1515 Clay Street, Oakland CA


1. Approval of minutes from the June 26, 2008 CHSWC meeting
         Angie Wei, Chair

2. CHSWC Studies: 

  • Final Report Occupational Safety and Health for Public Safety Employees: Assessing the Evidence and Implications for Public Policy
  • Return to Work study update
             Seth Seabury, RAND

3. Final Report: 

  • Quality Management and Job Quality:  How the ISO 9001 Standard for Quality
  • Management Systems Affects Employees and Employers
             David Levine, Haas Business School, UC Berkeley

4. Final Report: 

  • State Disability Insurance
  • Evaluating the WCIRB Proposed Pure Premium Increase
             Frank Neuhauser, SRC, UC Berkeley

5. Issue Paper

  • First Aid  Reporting
             Juliann Sum, Research on Labor & Employment, UC Berkeley
              CHSWC Staff

6. Executive Officer Report

  • Request for Proposals
  • 2008 CHSWC Annual Report
  • Update on CHSWC studies, final reports and updates
              Christine Baker, Executive Officer, CHSWC

7. *Other Business / Proposals / Public Questions and Comments*