DLSR Has New Chief

Governor Pete Wilson has appointed Dorothy Vuksich as the new Chief of the Division of Labor Statistics and Research.

Since 1993 Vuksich served as the public member of the five-member Industrial Welfare Commission. Prior to her service on the IWC, she served as the Secretary's deputy regional representative for Region IX of the U.S. Department of Education. The region includes several western states and U.S. territories in the Pacific.

Vuksich also was appointed by Governor George Deukmejian to the state Board of Behavioral Science Examiners. In addition, she has served on the: National Volunteer Advisory Council to the President; San Francisco Delinquency Prevention Commission; San Francisco Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Care Commission; and as Bay Area Coordinator for Presidential Advance. In 1988 she was honored with the Caring for San Francisco award.

DLSR compiles and publishes information and statistics on economic and employment conditions in California. Division responsibilities include reporting occupational injury and illness incidence rates as well as demographic and case characteristics, computing the California Consumer Price Index, recommending prevailing wage rates to the Director of DIR, and providing technical information on classifications in the construction industry.