DIR Director's Message

by Lloyd W. Aubry Jr.

The summer 1994 issue of DIR Bulletin marks the second issue of this publication, which we launched in the spring. This bulletin is for interested parties and constituent groups involved with DIR matters and aims, to keep everyone better informed on events involving California's labor agency.

In the first issue we invited comments and questions from readers. We heard from many readers-some even requested subscriptions.

We appreciate all of your comments, and we hope that you will keep in touch with us.

This edition contains news on noteworthy DIR initiatives. The Targeted Industries Partnership Program (TIPP), a joint enforcement effort headed by the Labor Commissioner and the U.S. Department of Labor, recently marked its first anniversary of labor law enforcement in the garment and agriculture industries. As TIPP enters its second year, we report on results and accomplishments of its first year, and its plans for the second year.

As reported in the spring edition, Cal/OSHA hosted the first-ever conference on workplace security, in an effort to determine how to address the increasing occurrence of violent incidents in the workplace. This issue features a report on the conference and some of the information on workplace violence and security learned at there.

We also report on the Governor's modification of his Executive Order suspending daily overtime requirements in counties affected by the Northridge earthquake.

Many Californians may not be aware that the Labor Commissioner handles employment discrimination cases. In fact, the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement enforces 20 laws prohibiting discrimination or retaliation against employees for exercising certain rights or engaging in certain protected activities. This issue of DIR Bulletin profiles this function of the Labor Commissioner.

As DIR continues to face the challenge of meeting the expectations of our constituencies, we will continue to keep you informed through DIR Bulletin.