Cal/OSHA Schedules Conference on Workplace Security

Cal/OSHA will break new ground on April 13 and look for solutions to the increasing problem of violence in the workplace with its Conference on Workplace Security.

The conference is the first event on its kind on this important issue. Cal/OSHA will be exploring the problem of workplace violence through a public forum in order to identify effective ways to address and prevent violence.

The conference closely follows a series of violent incidents nationally and in California that have shocked workers and raised questions among some workers about their safety from acts of violence on the job. National studies have shown incidents of violence in the workplace increasing in recent years. In December, for example, a gunman killed several employees and a police officer and wounded others at the Employment Development Department office in Ventura. Cal/OSHA visited the scene and conducted an inspection to gather information to address the issue of workplace violence.

Statistics compiled by the Division of Labor Statistics and Research show that homicides accounted for 25 percent of all workplace fatalities in California in 1992. The rate for 1991 was 22 percent.

The Conference on Workplace Security will have four objectives:

  1. Provide a forum for a diverse variety of individuals with a common interest in workplace security to share and gather information.
  2. Help disseminate information about known facts of workplace violence prevention and what still needs to be known.
  3. Facilitate increased research of workplace security.
  4. Assist in the development of guidelines for preventing workplace violence.

"This conference will emphasize the fact that prevention of violent acts is not solely a public safety issue, but also an issue of workplace safety," Division of Occupational Safety and Health Chief Dr. John Howard said.

The conference will be at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. To pre-register, please contact Edward F. Callanan at (415) 703-4921.