DIR Launches Newsletter

by Lloyd W. Aubry Jr., Director

During Governor Pete Wilson's administration, the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) has been a center of activity. This assessment is especially true of the past year, which has seen a number of proposed reforms and new initiatives-such as workers' compensation and SB 198 reforms, 24-Hour Coverage, managed care and group self insurance, and a new Strike Force on the Underground Economy-become reality.

With all of the activity, it has been difficult for some people to keep up to date. That's where this new publication, DIR Bulletin, enters. This newsletter will become a regular feature distributed by DIR to interested parties and constituent groups so that they can stay on top of events involving California's labor agency. Look for a fresh DIR Bulletin quarterly.

In this first edition we bring you up to date on 1993's accomplishments. These activities include approval of real and meaningful workers' compensation reform, improvement of Cal/OSHA's workplace safety mandates under Senate Bill 198, the beginning of one of the nation's first 24-Hour Coverage pilot projects in California, and the creation of the Strike Force on the Underground Economy. DIR also has been involved in earthquake recovery efforts in Southern California through the Governor's emergency suspension of daily overtime requirements in order to facilitate flexible work schedules and alleviate traffic problems.

DIR Bulletin will help us keep in better contact with you. But we want this effort to be a two-way vehicle. If you have any questions or comments on DIR matters, please write to me. We may use your questions in future editions.

DIR has been extremely active with new initiatives. As we continue working to better meet the challenges of balancing the interests of employees and employers, you can be sure our brisk momentum will keep pace.