DIR Merges Onto Info Superhighway

DIR has merged onto the rapidly moving information superhighway and launched its own home page on the Internet.

This project will make information on DIR's programs and services available by computer 24 hours a day and improve public contact with DIR. Members of the public can e-mail messages and questions to DIR through DIR's e-mail address. Since launching the e-mail access, DIR has received messages from throughout California, from across the nation, and even from other continents.

The DIR Home Page features overviews of each division, board, and commission, a message from the Director, DIR news releases, DIR Bulletin, the California Labor Code, and copies of some DIR publications and reports. Internet users may e-mail their addresses to DIR and have press releases sent to them by e-mail when the releases are issued.

The number of items featured on the Home Page is expanding rapidly, and some Divisions are developing new and significantly expanded section pages that will be available shortly. DIR is working to on-line policy and procedure guides, prevailing wage rate determinations, and occupational injury and illness statistics, among other items.

One commonly requested item for inclusion on the DIR Home Page has been sections of the California Code of Regulations pertaining to DIR. These sections regulate such areas as workers' compensation benefits, wage/hour and occupational safety and health. However, legal restrictions prohibit DIR from reproducing such information on the home page. The Office of Administrative Law entered into an agreement with Barclay's of California several years ago giving Barclay's the exclusive right to publish regulations. Such information cannot be reproduced while that contract is binding. It should be noted that Governor Pete Wilson signed Assembly Bill 141 last summer to prohibit such exclusive arrangements with private publishers in the future.

The DIR Home Page is at http://www.dir.ca.gov. It also may be accessed through the California Home Page at http://www.ca.gov. This home page also features home pages for the Legislature and many other state agencies. Comments and suggestions may be sent to DIR at info@dir.ca.gov.